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I love it when clients allow me to share their images, and I only do it if they are 100% comfortable with it. This particular client wants to remain anonymous in her blog post. My goal for my sessions is to make sure my clients are 100% comfortable in front of me and the lens, so when I read Regina’s blog q&a my heart smiled so big.

Read on to see what she says and see some of our favorite images. And if you don’t get the name she chose….you’re too young for this bro.

Why Andrea King Photography? 

Simply put- her pictures were the best I found in my area.  Her shots were artistic and beautiful.  Additionally, many boudoir photographers in my area were offering finished pictures the SAME DAY as the shoot.  This sounded great initially, but then I realized that it meant editing would be rushed.  These photos are an investment and I wanted a high quality finished product and not to feel as if they were finished too quickly.  To her credit, Andrea still had a very fast turn-around with the edited photos, but she took the time to edit the photos professionally. 

Why Boudoir Photography?

My husband was away on deployment and I wanted to send him a special Birthday present  to enjoy while he was gone.  He loves pinup girls so for some of my photos I did pinup poses/hair and makeup that were really cute and fun and then for others we did more of what Andrea typically shoots-the sexy moody type stuff.  I loved both styles. 

What made you take the jump to invest in yourself?

I thought this would just be a great gift for my husband but I honestly love having these photos for myself as well.  At first, the price seemed high, but I 100% feel the investment was worth it and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.  I love the finished product and the experience itself was actually really fun. 

How did you feel before the session vs after it wrapped?

Before the session I was excited and slightly nervous.  After the session I was elated and could not wait to see the images.  Andrea was so fun to work with and didn’t make me feel awkward for one second.  Standing naked in front of her while chatting about what the next pose would be was surprisingly easy and I felt comfortable the whole time.  She is very professional and knows how to make the experience a positive one. 

What was your reaction to your images during your reveal?

I wanted them all!  I was so nervous that I would look stupid or awkward and that I might not love any of them.  She produced SO MANY images that I really struggled to narrow them down.  I honestly thought I’d have between 10-25 good photos that I would actually like and I had over 75 that I loved.  Seriously.  It was amazing. 

If you could say one thing to the women who are too scared to book a boudoir experience what would it be?

You will not regret it.  Do it. Treat yourself or your significant other.  Make a fun day of it.  Celebrate yourself.  Take the risk.  You’ll be surprised how much you love your images. 

A couple of suggestions for other clients: Try going full nude!  They were some of my favorite images.  So artistic. So gorgeous.  Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  Andrea is great at listening!  I emailed her some poses I liked ahead of the session and she made sure we tried each one.  I also told her I’d prefer poses that didn’t involve me having to make a “sexy face” at the camera and she absolutely listened and didn’t push me to do anything I didn’t want. 


Hair and Makeup Artist: Alison Cosner | Instagram @beauteasebyalison


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