Classy Yet Sassy

You see in this space we don’t smile for the camera. There’s no cheese, no laughing
for the lens, no bright and beautiful and sweet as pie. In this space
we push the limit, we like black sheets, edgy lingerie (or no lingerie)
Champagne baths, handcuffs and harnesses, dark corners, and even darker
eyeliner. We like messy hair and perfect makeup, Polaroid peepshows, and
pushing boundaries. In this space we laugh at the “that’s what she
said” jokes, we curse freely, we hype each other up, and we leave
worries at the door. In the space I learn your story as you tell it. You
rediscover that your body is sexy, amazing, and strong. In this space
we are free to create art, free to be the badasses we know we are, and free to
light fires within our souls. I believe that women were born to stand
out, to be seen and heard, and to push the limit. So if you do too….

well then I'd say
this is the space for you.

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