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One of my favorite items for boudoir sessions is the white t-shirt. It’s a simple statement piece that packs a big wow factor. In my search to find the perfect one I learned that not all t shirts are created equal. I have spent many months trying to narrow down my favorite one. It has to be stretchy, move easily, hug a woman’s curves, and be a tiny bit see through without being over the top. It also should be a v neck or a very deep scoop neck. But the most important quality should be that it has to be comfortable and give a woman confidence when she wears it. You can’t just go to Walmart and grab any man’s v neck shirt. This has got to be made specifically for a woman.

Earlier this year, thanks to the stay home order and Covid, I did a lot of online shopping. And when I say a lot I mean a shit ton. I feel like I basically kept UPS and Amazon in business. (Sorry guys!) Through that mess of a few months I found the perfect white t shirt. Not only is this sexy enough for a boudoir shoot, it’s also subtle enough to wear every day. I practically live in mine! You can snag one of your own at Kohl’s. It’s the SO ribbed double v-neck Pocket T and it’s in the Junior’s section. Don’t let that scare you, it come in sizes XS-XXL and it’s super stretchy! I’ll link it below! Happy shopping lovelies!

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