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This is the second session that I had with Leritha and let me tell you, the glow up is real. She was the first boudoir shoot that I did two years ago and I could have been more nervous than she was. She wanted something to document her journey through life and to give herself a gift. At the time she wanted to also save the images for her future husband. This time around she wanted to go full glam and even try the wings, and most importantly she was doing this for herself and nobody else! I love hearing other women tell me they believe they are worth the investment. It makes my heart just soar!

Old Friends

I’ve kept up with Leritha over social media for the past two years, but everyone knows that’s not as great as in person. So when she came over for her session Stephanie, Leritha, and myself all sat in my foyer gossiping and jamming out to music while she had her hair and makeup done. We had the best time trying new lingerie styles (her first session she didn’t have anything, so we did only white sheet) and shooting all of the moods. Check out some of her favorites below and take a look at a flashback from her first session, the glow up is real!

Memphis Photographer | Memphis Boudoir Photographer | Memphis Portrait Photographer

Hair and Makeup by Stephanie Creasy | Instagram.com/girlmakesface

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