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I’m not quite sure where to even begin this blog post. The past few months have been a complete and total blur! If you’ve followed me for awhile you’ll know that I’m an East Coast girl married to a southern man. My heart will always be held by the Atlantic. My Dad lives in North Carolina and for awhile we have been toying with the idea of relocating to the crystal coast. I haven’t been near family for almost 15 years now and my Dad lives alone out there. It’s where my husband and I got married, it’s where we have vacationed, it’s a safe community to raise the kids, and it’s 5 miles from the ocean. We did a lot of praying about this…a lot. And we finally have an opportunity to relocate so we jumped on it! We did some upgrades and small things to the house that we’ve been putting on the back burner and listed it for sale. 6 days after it hit the market we were under contract, and now we’re under contract on a home in Swansboro, NC.

It’s not goodbye…

I’ve got a million emotions running through me all day every day. Anxiety, fear, stress, extreme tiredness, joy, and then more anxiety. Memphis has been our home for almost a decade now. It’s where we’ve had our kids, where the amazing doctors and hospital are that have taken care of our youngest son. We’ve got friends here we consider family, we love the little community that we have made here so much and leaving it breaks my heart. But the world is too big to stay in one spot forever and new adventures await. I never tell people goodbye because I know that someday, somehow I’ll see them again. I’ve lived a lot of places and each spot has a little piece of my heart. If someone was truly meant to be in your life they will be, distance doesn’t matter. There will be vacations together, trips to see them, Facetime calls, and quick stops through town for dinner.

We will be here until early December and then we’re packing up and moving. The NC house won’t be ready until 2021 so we’ll be staying with family until then. But never fear, the new place will have a studio and all the good things for my clients. Hopefully by spring I’ll be booking sessions out there and gracing your computer screen with badass babes again.

I’ve still been shooting here and I’ve got a handful of sessions left before we skip town. It’s been a hell of a wild ride here and I’m so grateful for every client that has trusted me with their images. A lot of these babes are waiting to give their images to their partners as gifts, so their sessions won’t hit the blogs just yet. But in the meantime here are some anonymous sessions for you!

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