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I get a lot of questions about boudoir photography, either in casual conversation when I ask what I do or from prospective and past clients. There are so many women who are on the verge of going for it and investing in themselves with a session, but there are just as many who teeter on the edge and watch quietly because they’re too scared to take the plunge. They tell themselves once they do x or if y happens they’ll book one. But for a lot of women that day never comes, and it breaks my heart. So here’s 5 good reasons to book your session.

Losing 5-10 lbs isn’t going to make that big of a difference on camera. You’re probably thinking- what? Losing 10 lbs is a huge deal to me! And yea, it should be because that’s a good bit of weight for anyone. But on camera it won’t show that much. You’re going to be posing and moving your body a lot, you’re also going to be wearing different outfits that hide/camouflage/enhance your features. So a 5-10lb weight loss won’t really show that much in your images.

You’re constantly changing, and while you may not realize it tomorrow you may look/feel completely different. Have you ever changed your hair on a whim? (Please tell me I’m not the only one) Maybe you cut it all off, maybe you decided to let it go fully grey, or maybe something else on your body is different than yesterday. Tomorrow isn’t even a given for any one us. You’ll never be exactly as you are in this moment again. For better or worse every day you wake up is a day you will wake up a little different. So document it now!

Don’t live with a what if. My husband and I have moved so many places that thinking about it makes my mind spin. And it’s always after we leave a place that we think about all of the things we wish we would have taken advantage of there. We spent a year in Front Royal, VA and only went to one battlefield in the Northern Virginia area. Seriously, for the huge history buff that my husband is this is the one thing he regrets about our time there. When we left Birmingham we always talk about the places we never went to eat, the neat shops in 5 points we always meant to shop or eat at and never did. And if we ever move from Memphis I know we’ll probably have a laundry list of things here we wish we did but never made time for. If you’re local to me and have been eyeing my work jump headfirst. Next year at this time you may be in another state, or I may be in another state! Opportunity waits for no one, don’t miss it.

You think that you’ll hate your images. This is the number one thing I hear at my reveals. Every woman that walks through my door will tell me they aren’t sure if they will see any images of themselves that they like. And every single one has at least 40 favorites. Why? Because when you’re here you become a different person. I know that probably sounds silly but there’s something about being pampered and looking like the best possible version of yourself, listening to the kind of music that brings out your inner bad ass, and laughing with other women that boosts your confidence. So stop telling yourself this. Shit, stop telling me this- because honey it ain’t true. No woman leaves this studio with a bad photo. Ain’t happening.

And this goes in to my last reason. Treat yo self. Stop saying that if you had a significant other in your life you’d do it for them. Uggghhhh, what? No. Nope. Nada. Do this for you. Is it great if you’re married and you want to gift it to someone? Hells yea that’s great. But honey, do this for you. At the end of the day you’re the one who looks in the mirror at yourself, you’re the one who deals with your thoughts and emotions. You’re the one who deserves to feel like a million dollars. Every single woman who has booked with me has left with products that make them feel amazing. Things that they can take out anytime they’re feeling any self doubt and look at and go- I’m a bad bitch. And that’s what every single woman deserves. So stop making excuses that you don’t have anyone to do this for- honey no. Do this for YOU. Give yourself the freedom and gift of bringing out your vixen and enjoy it.

So there you have it. 5 reasons to stop telling yourself no and start telling yourself yes. You won’t regret it.

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