Zach & Brittany | A Pink Palace Wedding | Memphis, TN

A Pink Palace Wedding. Zach and Brittany were married on a quiet October Saturday at The Pink Palace in Memphis, TN. It was what dreams are made of.

The Sweetest Couple

You may remember Brittany and Zach’s baseball themed engagement photos from last winter. Zach is the baseball coach at Bartlett High School and they held their sweet engagement session at the baseball field! Their wedding day was an absolute fairy tale. In the years that I have been a wedding photographer I can honestly say that I have never seen a groom more excited to get married, more ready to see his bride, and more in love with his bride than Zach was. This man is so in love with Brittany that it just radiated out of him. (And with good reason, if you have ever met Brittany you’d understand. She is one of the sweetest, mot beautiful, most caring people I’ve met.) It was so amazing to be a part of their love story. The two families truly embraced one another, love one another, and are so happy for the couple. Zach’s father said he finally got his daughter with Brittany!

Love and Laughter

The wedding day called for rain, but amazingly not a drop fell at The Pink Palace. The bride wore an beautiful lace, elegant wedding dress. The girls rocked some Tom’s and had the perfect mix of glam meets comfort. The sky was a beautiful overcast, perfect for outdoor photos. At the beginning of the ceremony there was a little rumble of thunder, as if God was giving the couple a drumroll for their big day. College football played on tv’s throughout the day, the families helped the couple get ready, and the wedding party cut up and laughed until the end of the night.

The Officiant has known Zach since he was a child and had wonderful stories to tell about him. During the ceremony I saw one of the groomsmen disappear and several minutes later hustle back in line. Through the hustle and bustle of the day the best man forgot to grab the rings! Luckily they were found and Zach and Brittany have something to laugh about when they think about their wedding day in 50 years.

When it was announced that Zach could finally kiss his bride the entire audience erupted in cheers and applause! He had one request for photos and that was to get an image of him kissing his wife on the forehead. You see whenever he sees her he walks up to her, grabs her, and softly kisses her on the forehead. Their love is so deep and so true that I know wonderful memories are going to be made in the coming years.

The Adventure Begins

After the ceremony the wedding party and guests gathered inside The Pink Palace for a night of dancing, drinking, laughing, and memory making. The energy was high and contagious as everyone bounced around the dance floor, exchanged high fives at tables, and laughed until their bellies hurt. I just want to say that I hope when I’m old enough to be grandmother that I can still bust a move on the dance floor like Brittany’s Grandmother did! I have never seen a crowd of people have such a good time as I did that October night.

The bridesmaids wore their Team Bride trucker hats as they spun around the floor. The couple played The Shoe Game where they answered questions about one another without looking at each other. I think I laughed harder than anyone when the DJ asked who the first one to pass gas was!

Brittany changed into a sweet cocktail dress as the couple exited to a crowd of friends and family waving balloons, cheering, and clapping for them.

It was an epic day, and that’s not something that I say often. It was everything that it should have been and much more. The couple vacationed in the Dominican Republic following their wedding. Check out some of my favorites from their special day.

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A Pink Palace Wedding in Memphis, TN

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Makeup Artist: Ashley Parsons 

Venue: The Pink Palace

DJ: Jim Steinbrecher

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