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Several weeks ago Kimberly messaged me and asked about taking some photos of her and her son, Aaron. Kim used to work with a good friend of mine and was hoping that I could capture some precious moments of the two of them because she had only a few great pictures of them and their bond. We met at Shelby Farms one evening and set up a blanket, brought Aaron’s bike, and just let him do his 3 year old thing. Let me tell you, that kid was a ball full of energy! I have been photographing so many weddings and engagements I forgot just how much children keep me on my toes! (This is why there are so few photos of my son these days, because he won’t sit still long enough for me to take one!) I could tell she was a little nervous so I just had her sit with Aaron and sing to him, talk about his favorite stuffed animals, recite their bedtime prayer, and let him be little. When it comes to sessions with kids that’s my biggest request- just let them be little! About an hour later and we had some amazing photos to choose from. He ended up having a blast, burning some energy, and giving his mother some precious memories to cherish forever.


Thank you for trust me Kim!!

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