We’re all mad here…

Last year I shared a post on my personal Facebook page from Three Nails Photography. It was the chance to win a spot at his 2015 workshop, and I wrote on that post that one day I was going to book a workshop with Hunter and learn everything I can from him. Last night was officially one day.

A few days ago he posted that he would be having a workshop in July for photographers and I totally fangirl geeked out. I adore his work, he’s amazing, and I would love to learn from him. The sets he builds are just insane, he does some makeup and hair, and he even makes some of the dresses that his models wear. You’ve probably seen his work and never even knew it- he shot John Luke Robertson’s wedding last year! Hint: Duck Dynasty. Hunter’s work is absolutely incredible! So I called my mother yesterday and told her about the workshop and the first thing she said was “was that the post you shared about last year?” I couldn’t believe that she remembered that! I filled her in on my wishful thinking and told her I was going to run it by Justin at dinner that night. The only catch is that we live in the middle of the country around zero family, so a three day workshop during the week will be hard to swing because I run my business from home so I can be with my son. I approached my husband about it last night and he just looked at me, blinked, and said “go.” My mouth dropped and my eyes lit up…he told me we’ll figure it all out, this is an amazing opportunity, jump on it! So, I did. I ran upstairs and registered for the workshop. I don’t know whether to puke or faint, I’m that excited.

Bonus: It’s an Alice in Wonderland theme.

I just hope that I can get some crawfish while I am in Shreveport….or maybe a good po’boy. I haven’t had a good po’boy in years!


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