Wedding Day Essentials

Wedding Day Essentials! There’s certain key items that I keep in my bag during my bridal sessions and when I work weddings.

A lot of my brides opt to do their own makeup and have their own hair professionally done, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that they don’t have the luxury of a makeup artist to prime their faces, set their make up, and stick around after the ceremony to touch them up for formal photos. Because I want my girls to feel amazing all day long and look as amazing in their photos I make sure to bring along a few staples every time!

The first thing I pack is tissue paper. I tend to use white but you can really use any color they make. Tissue paper is amazing for taking sweat and shine off of your bride’s faces. You simply blot the area with the paper and the sweat and shine will be gone but the makeup stays put! The key is not to wipe on the surface of the skin but to put the tissue paper directly on the face and run your fingers over it. Your makeup won’t smudge and the sweat will be gone!

I also make sure to pack unscented spray deodorant and bug spray. If you live in the south you know how brutal summers are, spring and fall can be quite warm as well. I always tell my girls to spray the bug spray under their dresses because that’s one place mosquitos will fly to and they can do some major damage because they can become stuck under the material! Another great thing to use are the mosquito repellant bracelets they sell at Wal-Mart for $.96, put them around your ankles during the ceremony (if it’s outdoor) and it will be hidden by your long gown. You have the option of taking it off during the reception and if you wipe the area with a baby wipe the smell won’t be as strong.

If your hair is anything like mine you know that humidity and sweat are two of your worst enemies. I have baby hairs all along my hairline and as soon as I start to sweat they curl, the humidity makes them frizz like crazy. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing hair spray or not, and the back of my neck sweats because my hair is so thick and heavy. If you spray unscented deodorant along your hairline (keep the bottle a good 3-5″ away from your scalp otherwise you’ll have a nice white coating on your hair) it will combat the sweat and keep you dry. Another place that’s great to spray is along your bustling, in-between your boob, and under your butt cheeks. These are the most common places women tend to sweat and you’ll be uncomfortable. I always advise the bridesmaids to spray as well because the majority of the time their dresses are dark enough to see sweat stains.

I keep a tide pen for stains, safety pins for bustle or strap breaks, and a small brush in case my girls wear their hair down. I usually have a small bottle of hair spray as well to apply to the brush before use to combat static (during those winter months!)

Having these things in my bag is just another perk of being one of my brides!

wedding day staples

Andrea King

Memphis, TN Wedding and Engagement Photographer

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