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2018 will see a lot of changes for Andrea King Photography. One noticeable one will be the way your memories will be captured and documented.

Preserving Memories

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a big advocate of printing your photos. All of your photos, even your cell phone photos. They make apps for that! You just download Chatbooks and for $8/mo you can have one month’s worth of memories automatically printed in a small book and mailed to your home. It’s amazing really, and super convenient. I do this for my personal Instagram feed! You would not believe how many people post family memories on Instagram and wake up one morning to their entire account just gone. Poof! Vanished into thin area. All of those snapshots are lost. For some people those are the only images they have!

This brings me to a phrase I’ve coined for upcoming generations. I call them the “faceless generation.” We have too many apps, so many ways to broadcast our lives on social media. Sometimes that’s the only place the younger generations will have photos. They post snips of their life on Snapchat and after a day it’s gone. Just like that, vanished. Same thing with Instastories. Most of the younger crowd *only* posts those snippets for everyone to see. But what about images of you to show your kids? Or grandkids? I have my mother’s baby album! I have my grandparent’s wedding photos! These 20somethings or teenagers are going to be in their 60’s with no images of themselves from when they were younger. They’re the generation with their smartphones always pointed in selfie mode, snapping away. But they don’t ever print images to show that they were there.

Now me? I’m not a snapper. I don’t get it. I don’t understand The Snapchat. I’ve tried, I have a profile for it. But I’m not interesting! A lot of the stories I see are Target aisles or people’s feet walking on pavement. Is that how we communicate now? Most of my days are spent with my son or sitting behind my computer editing. Who wants to see that every day? I’d much rather have a candid snapshot my husband takes of me when I’m not looking. A little 3×5 or 4×6 to say “I was there.” This was me- no makeup, messy bun, sweatpants and sports bras that I live in. This was me, totally unstaged. And I was there. 

It’ll be like they never existed…

I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but Facebook and Snapchat aren’t going to be around forever. Much like the 8 tracks, floppy discs, even cd drives on computer. They’re gone. Phased out. Things of the past. Now there are usb ports or just cloud spaces. One day Facebook will be gone. One day Snapchat will be old news. So what’s going to happen to all those images? Well, likely they’ll be gone too. You’ll mean to print them but you never will.

No marks to leave on the world. No story to tell through images of their life. You won’t be able to pull out a photo and show your grandchildren how much you looked like your parents. How much they look like your parents. Or that everyone has an awkward stage in junior high school, they’ll grow out of it.

But what if the worst happens? What if you, or someone in your family, has an accident? Or God decides that’s it, time’s up. Do you have any idea how many brides email me and ask for *any* other photos of family members that I may possibly have because that family member died? It’s the worst email to read. But year after year I get them. I always freeze up and think of my family members. My mother…gone. 55 days of sickness and gone. Just like that. No warning. One minute she was laughing at my kitchen table, and the next time I saw her she was on life support. I have friends who lost a parent while they were in high school. Their children never met them, but they live on through pictures. Framed pictures on dressers in bedrooms. Frames that are clutched to your heart on top of heavy heaves and tears and wishes for more time.

I have one image of my father’s grandmother. It’s her engagement announcement in the Sunday paper. Do you know how much digging I had to do for that? I didn’t know her but sometimes I’m told I look like her. It makes me think- who was this woman? 

I guess that’s why I do what I do.

And I guess that’s why I try to do it with as much care as possible. I’m the photographer that will try to get images of all of your guests at their reception tables. I’m the photographer who will weave through the dance floor and capture everyone laughing and having fun. Crisp, clear images of laughter and love. Because these images are part of your story. They are part of who you are, and what makes you…well, you. Your life is a series of moments that define you, make up your story. Your wedding day is a huge moment in that series of events.

2018 will see a lot of changes for Andrea King Photography. One notable change is going to be my wedding prices and packages. Prospective brides will see a small increase in my package prices for the upcoming wedding season. The rate increase, however, is for a wonderful reason! I’ll be adding a new, leather wrapped, 20×20, deluxe album. It’s huge. It’s insane. It’s amazing.

It’s not a coffee table book. This is the album. When you open this bad boy you’re going to relive one of the best days of your life. Your images will be largely and beautifully displayed on thick mounted paper. It will be custom designed to your liking. And when your grandkids look at this album they will be blown away at what an amazing love story you had.

Why am I doing this huge change? Because your love story needs to be told. Your love story deserves to be told. And my couples deserve the best, so I’m giving it to them. I’m so excited for this product launch!

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