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If you’re on this blog then chances are you are thinking about booking a shoot with me. But you’re probably a bit anxious, nervous, possibly scared, or just on the fence in general. Listen, I get it. I know how scary it can be to be vulnerable in front of someone you just met. It’s even scarier when you are literally stripping down and showing your all to a total stranger. To top it all off with having to shop to find outfits to wear for your session is enough to send someone into a full blown panic! So I try my hardest to make sure that my clients are well taken care of and that every single aspect of their session is perfectly planned to ease some of that anxiety.

Exclusive Outfits

Listen, I’m a woman and like most, maybe all, women I have a little “add to cart” habit. So what better way to feed that addiction than with a fully stocked closet that is exclusive to only my clients. I know you are probably thinking- there’s no way she has my size in stock, there’s no way she has things that will fit me, there’s no way that I’ll be able to find something in her closet. And that my dear is where you are wrong. I more than understand the anxiety that comes with going to stores, trying on outfits, figuring out what looks good on my body type, and what I actually want to buy. I am a woman too, and I get it! I’m going to venture to say that a lot of women aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to lingerie, because what you see for the size on the tag isn’t always the way it fits. Companies are still trying to figure out sizing labels, and really if we are being honest here the fashion industry is constantly changing. Have you ever tried on jeans somewhere and wondered why you’re a size 8 in one brand but a size 2 in another? Sizing women’s clothing isn’t consistent the way it is with men’s. Men’s clothes are pretty standard with the sizes- you have numbers in width and length. Sadly, that’s just not the case with women’s clothing and one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to being a woman!

Really the only consistency there is in women’s clothing is cup size- and even that is hard to nail down when you go from brand to brand! So to make sure that I have something for everyone I shop and stock sizes xs-4xl. I’m all about being inclusive and having something for every body and every personality. I’m not talking about one or two pieces in my closet for each size, I’m talking about shopping hauls that stock my racks in so many pieces. I’m also constantly repurchasing pieces that are super popular and get worn a lot. I try to get the same piece in every size if possible, but a lot of times it isn’t. I also stock the closet with pieces from different brands and stores so that the styles vary and will appeal to every personality. Some women want bold, super sexy, very strappy, black pieces to wear. Some women love pastel colors that have little flowers and cover a bit more, giving the sweet and soft sex appeal that fits their personality more. I try to stock with all of them and I search high and low to find pieces that are well made, sometimes that are from up and coming brands, or high end boutique pieces from stores like Honey Birdette. This helps you guys and your wallet, because you won’t need to necessarily purchase an outfit that you may never wear again. It gives you the freedom to worry less about investing money on lingerie and instead investing more on the luxury products that you want. I have clients that choose to not bring any pieces of their own and wear only what is in my closet, and that is exactly why I have it! It also frees up time for you because you won’t need to worry about finding time to hit the stores either.

The Sizing

Frankly, lingerie sizing is strange. So many companies don’t know how to label or even make items for women with curves. One thing I always tell my clients is that I do not shoot models, I shoot real women. Real women have curves. We come in all shapes and sizes and when you’re a 36DDD with a tiny waist or with smaller booty you aren’t really going to be looking for sizes in a Large or up. But often times the sizes in the curvy sections of stores/brands are indeed what you are looking for. To some brands curvy means busty, they just don’t know how to label it or market it. What’s amazing about the closet is that you get to come in and see exactly what these pieces look like! I have had so many women come in and see outfits hanging in the closet that they thought would be too big or too small, and it turns out they fit perfectly in a size they never would have blinked at in a store. The super amazing thing about this is that if it doesn’t fit perfectly we can alter it with pins or clamps so that it hugs places that may be too big- like the waist or booty. Then you don’t have to worry about spending money on an outfit that you love but is a bit big or small in one area and you can focus on being your fine, sexy self for the camera.

There’s currently over 300 pieces in my client closet that area available to you when you book with me. Your experience fee when you book me helps stock my client closet for you guys! I also just love the opportunity to spoil you guys and really make you feel like the amazing queens you are. Some of the most popular brands that women love are Thistle and Spire, Honey Birdette, VS, Oh La La Cheri, Yandy, and Salt and Lace. So if you see something on my social media and you know it’s in my closet please shoot me a message before your shoot so I can make sure to set it aside and have it ready for you!



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