Rock Island Anniversary Session | Rock Island, TN

Dramatic scenery and lighting set the mood for this epic Rock Island Anniversary Session. I am beyond thrilled at the art I get to share with this couple.

Workshop Friends

I met Kristen at the 3 Nails Photography workshop that I attended in Louisiana this past summer. I knew right away that she’d become my buddy when she said she was game to go on a swamp boat adventure while were in town. A few weeks after returning home from the workshop I got a Facebook DM from her telling me she’d be in Tennessee visiting family at the end of August. She and her husband, Steven, were about to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary and she wanted to have some pictures done. She would be across the state in the Friendsville area so we decided to meet at Rock Island State Park. The park is about 4 hours from Memphis and 2 1/2 from where she was so it was perfect.

Kristen was looking for something very moody and dramatic for her photographs. My style has started to lean more towards that and we knew it would be a perfect match. We planned everything out over DM on Facebook. We talked about all the details right down to her lipstick color, purple hair, and sheer bottom dress. The week before our session my family and I ventured out to Rock Island for a day trip to see the landscape. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before and was super excited to show her photos of where our session would be. I was even more excited to embark on this adventure with her.

The Day Of Shoot

For some reason whenever I travel for sessions I always encounter rain. Always. The drive out there was no different and about 15 minutes before arriving at the Great Falls Dam it started to pour. Luckily it didn’t last long and it actually scared away a lot of tourists and campers. Because of the weather and late season we had little interaction with anyone during our session. Both Kristen and her husband had never seen waterfalls in person before, so as soon as we started the descent to the cliffs they were in awe. Several times we just stopped to take in the amazing views and enjoy our adventure.

During our session we were able to set off a few smoke bombs for added effect and use the dim lighting and slightly overcast sky to our advantage. Kristen was very specific in her request for water shots, and she and her husband braved the cold currents like champs. We ended our day underneath a waterfall with little to no light left. The final results are truly breathtaking. Watching the way Kristen and Steven laughed together, cuddled together, and embraced each other it is clear to see they have many, many more years of happiness ahead of them. I am so lucky to call such an amazing person my friend.

Rock Island State Park Anniversary Session

Rock Island State Park Tennessee Anniversary Photo Session couple floating in water embracing each other

Rock Island State Park Anniversary Session

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