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I get asked all the time by clients what they can do to prep for their boudoir session with me. In addition to the welcome packet you’ll receive from me I thought I’d make a quick post on how you can prep your body.

What To Expect

So, you’ve booked your boudoir session and you’re in my calendar! Congrats, that’s the first step. So now what? Boudoir sessions are not like other portrait sessions. The focus will be solely on you, and while a lot of women are ready and excited for the spotlight, some women find it slightly terrifying. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through poses, fix your hair, and make you super comfortable in front of the camera. But there are a few things you can do to prep your body for our session.

Drink Lots Of Water

Just like when you get a massage you need to make sure you hydrate. Drinking lots of water will help prep your skin to looks it’s best. It’ll also help keep your hydrated and prevent cramps. Boudoir posing a lot of back arching, shoulder rotation, and pointed toes. You’ll need to hold these positions and they can get slightly uncomfortable. So make sure you hydrate to avoid getting cramps during your session.


Before your session make sure you give yourself at least 15 minutes to stretch. Keeping your muscles loose will help you hold the poses during our session. You’ll also be doing a lot of kneeling and sitting, so stretch those muscles so that you won’t get uncomfortable and stiff. If you are a yoga person I suggest a good at home yoga session before your appointment.

Ditch The Undies

Come to your session sans your skivvies. Your underwear will leave elastic marks on your skin that will last through your session. They will show up in your images and are not easily hidden. Wear some loose sweat pants or drawstring shorts (hey, we’re in Memphis and it’s always hot!) and a button down shirt or loose t shirt. A loose t shirt dress would also be great.

Arrive Fresh Faced

You’ll want to come to your session with virgin hair and a fresh face. I usually tell my girls to wash their hair the evening before so that it’s a little dirty. This will help hold any product and keep your curls. You’ll also want to come with just a moisturized face. Do not wear any makeup or tinted lotion! I also suggest investing in a good hyaluronic acid lotion. This will help keep your skin hydrated. Please do not try any new masks, peels, or weird at home skin remedies before your session. You could have an allergic reaction or break out in acne.

Make Sure Your Lingerie Fits

This should be pretty self explanatory. If you bought new lingerie or you’ll pulling some out of your drawer that you haven’t worn in awhile you should try them on the day before your session. Make sure they fit correctly. Do not bring a bra that you don’t fill out or doesn’t contour your breasts. You’ll receive a what to wear guide/where to shop packet upon booking, but you’ll want to make sure your pieces fit. I always tell my girls to bring 4 or 5 choices. Make sure you bring 2 bras (one black) and 3 pairs of undies. If you aren’t sure about an outfit bring it anyway, something that you might not be crazy about may end up photographing the best. You will also have access to my lingerie closet if you have a limited selection of lingerie to bring. Also, cut the tags off your lingerie if possible!

Chill Out

Make sure you get some relaxation time before your shoot. Take a deep breath, take a nap, watch some Netflix and chill. Do whatever you need to do to curb your anxiety. These shoots are extremely fun and you have absolutely nothing to worry about!




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