Mollie’s Rustic Senior Photography Session

Earlier this summer I booked a senior session with Mollie and she was very specific about her wants. She wanted something rustic, something with water, dirt roads, and possibly a barn. She didn’t want her senior photos to look like everyone else’s so I tried my hardest to incorporate everything she was looking for. I have a specific location for my rustic shoots that is about as rustic as you can get. I searched high and low for a nice creek that we could shoot in only to find a sandy area of the Wolf River. The riverbed actually turned out to be a great location for us. I was a little nervous venturing into the water as a lot can go wrong. Earlier that day it had rained a bit, the weather had hit this cool patch where our days were topping out at 80 degrees, and the water was cold cold cold. My husband has ruined me when it comes to bodies of water in the south. We don’t have the snakes up north that are found down here, so every chance he gets he tells me horror stories of people he has “known” who have gotten bitten by poisonous snakes. He wonders why I won’t jump in rivers or go out in bayous. Luckily there were no snakes and I think Mollie’s shoot turned out pretty fantastic. Here are a couple of photos from her session. I had such a blast working with her, she is such a sweet girl and reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. Good luck this year Mollie! 

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