Memphis One Year Old Milestone Session | Cotton Field Sweetness

A sweet cotton field in Oakland, TN was the location for Jack’s one year birthday session. I am so blessed to have watched this little boy grow during his first year.

The Location

Morgan and I started planning Jack’s first birthday photoshoot during our 9 month reveal event. We wanted to incorporate his nursery theme of tribal prints into our session somehow, especially since his first birthday party will be called a “pow-wow.” So we decided that a cute little indian headdress (that she made!) would be the perfect touch for the day. About a week before our shoot Morgan texted me saying she really wanted it to be done in a cotton field. Most of the fields around Memphis are private property so it was perfect when Morgan found a coworker with a farm in Oakland, TN. We got permission to use her land and settled for what seemed to be the hottest fall day in history.

The Session

I met the Smith’s at the farm and we set out to find some shaded cotton to shoot in. Along with the headdress Morgan brought a cake for Jack’s smash, a blanket, his little white rocking chair, and a sweet little cardboard “1” for the session. As soon as we put Jack in his little rocking chair his face lit up with big smiles. He laughed and giggled as he played with his favorite chair. I wish I could say that he was as enthusiastic about the cake but he didn’t seem to enjoy it that much. That’s the way it usually goes with smashes- they either dig in and love it or they’re not that impressed. At least it was practice for his upcoming party! We captured some sweet family moments in addition to shots of Jack and wrapped our shoot covered in sweat, icing, and smiles.

The Reveal

Yesterday was Jack’s sweet reveal. It would be the last one in the Smith’s milestone package. As I sat on their sofa I had a bittersweet feeling. That would be the last reveal we’d have for awhile. I’ve been lucky enough to watch this sweet boy grow from a newborn to his first birthday. I took Morgan’s maternity photos, I held Jack as a week old newborn, a 6 month old baby, a 9 month old baby, and now a 1 year old almost toddler. Before I went to bed last night I looked at my phone and noticed a text from Morgan. “I’m sitting here going through these photos over and over…you seriously knocked it out of the park on this one! I’ve loved all the work you’ve done this year, but this shoot was just so perfect. You have a talent and I’m so glad you used it on us. Thank you!”

This folks is why I love my job. It’s not just clicking a button on your camera, it’s freezing a moment in time for families to remember. There will be a 16×20 canvas wrap sitting above their fireplace with Jack’s huge smile on display. And one day when Jack is older he’ll be able to leaf through his photo album and see the smiling faces of his mommy and daddy, two people who love him so much. Two people who have prayed for him, hoped for him, and loved him unconditionally. He’ll be able to look at these memories and think about how lucky he is.

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Cotton Field Cake Smash and One Year Milestone Session

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Morgan’s Maternity/Jack’s Newborn Session Photos 

Jack Smith’s 6 month Photos

Jack Smith’s 9 month Photos

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