A Downtown Memphis Engagement | Porsher & Atavio | Memphis, TN

I met Porsher and Atavio in downtown Memphis for a super fun engagement session. We had waited all winter for some beautiful spring weather and I’m so excited to show off this amazing couple!

A Chance Meeting

I met Porsher last April at Sam’s club. I had literally just gotten home from my mother’s funeral and the second we stepped out of the truck  I dropped my iPhone, shattering the screen into a million tiny pieces. I decided it had been a rough year, it was time to treat myself. I loaded my son into his seat, jumped in my car, and I drove to Sam’s Club hoping for the iPhone 6 Plus. Enter this sweet girl who had started working there not long ago.

Something was wrong with the printer that day and no matter how many times she pressed the print button my contract would just not print. I mean we tried everything! So we stood there for about 45 minutes laughing and wondering what was going on. During that time I noticed her beautiful engagement ring and gave her my card. I told her when she was ready to start planning to call me. A few minutes later the printer finally started working and just wouldn’t stop! There must have been 30 copies printing, so in a panic I crawled under the cart and unplugged the thing. She must have thought I was crazy, but it was just the kind of funny and off the wall moment that I needed.

It’s funny how God places people in your life to bless you with laughter during the hard times. When I say that I’m so lucky to be blessed with the best clients, I truly mean that. She held onto my card for months and called me to book at the end of 2016. I was so excited and so happy because I already know what a sweet soul she was, and her fiancé was just as sweet and funny too.

Two Peas in a Pod

We had originally scheduled our session for the week before Christmas, but in true Memphis fashion the weather was crazy and ended up being in the high teens and early twenties. We decided to put off the session until spring because nobody wants to stand outside in the cold for pictures. We ended up getting really lucky with a beautiful and warm spring day! I guess you could say it was well worth the wait.

It’s amazing to me that I get to watch people’s stories unfold in front of me. I walked around Downtown Memphis with these two and watched the way Atavio doted on her. Even though their love isn’t “new” love, he still cherishes it like it is. Watching love that is like breathing in a breath of fresh air. They play fought with each other, he helped her walk downtown in these beautiful but towering stilettos, and the day was filled with endless laughter.

I just know their wedding is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait for the day when they walk down the aisle as one. Check out some of my favorites below.

Downtown Memphis engagement session matching white shirt timberlands Downtown Memphis Engagement Session
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