Meet the McNeals – Wedding Celebration

This past June I got to spend the day photographing Stephanie and Christopher McNeal’s special wedding day. I didn’t get the chance to actually meet the couple until a few days before their wedding so I was a bit nervous, but I don’t think that I could have met a sweeter couple that day in Oakland. When I asked them how they met and how long they had been together they both kind of laughed and Chris said he’d let her tell it. It turns out that they dated 19 years ago!! They parted ways- Stephanie moved out of the area while Chris stayed local- and ended up in other relationships, had families, and found themselves single again. She said out of the blue one day she got an email from him and the rest is history. She came back to the Mid-South to be with Chris and now they’re married. Seriously though, how cute and amazing is that story!?! I just LOVE it!

They had an intimate wedding in Oakland surrounded by their loved ones. It was a short and sweet ceremony with nervous laughter and lots of smiles (from both them and everyone in attendance) and love. I can’t even begin to express how sweet everyone there was. A few of Chris’s relatives came up to me and thanked me for being there because they weren’t sure if Chris would ever take the plunge. It just goes to show that when you find the right one you know, and sometimes you won’t settle for anything less than true love. (You go Stephanie, you snag that man!)

Chris’s ring has a Dallas Cowboys star engraved on it (I’m sorry Dad. I don’t know what gives with all of these Cowboys fans. This is the second wedding in a row! I promise I’ll find some Eagles fans to make up for it soon. Please don’t disown me!!) and the groomsmen wore matching ties. I got to teach some of Stephanie’s family how to do the cupid shuffle (and everyone laughed at me!) The couple opted for some cute cupcakes instead of a cake and we even snuck outside in the insane Memphis heat to grab a few quick pictures of the beautiful couple. Right before I left someone from the family even conned Chris and Stephanie into a “first dance” because neither of them are dancers.

It was a beautiful afternoon that I got to spend watching two people who love each other pledge to be together for the rest of their lives, and I got to witness it doing what I love to do. I’m not sure how I get so lucky to have such amazing clients but I am forever grateful.

Congrats you two, I hope you enjoy your happily ever after!

Andrea King | Wedding and Engagement Photographer | Memphis, TN

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