Lynch Trash the Dress

I met Vanessa and Blaine last April when I did their engagement photos at the Botanic Gardens. We hit it off and actually became fast friends, but they had already put their deposit down on a wedding photographer by the time I met them, and it was out of state in Kentucky. Fast forward to November 1st of 2014 and they got married in a sweet little chapel in Lexington, KY with their reception at a vineyard not far away. The locations were absolutely beautiful, the weather was not. It had actually snowed the night before, and the day of the wedding was cold, wet, dreary, and did I say cold? They didn’t have time for a ton of formal photos, and with the weather circumstances they were limited on what they could get. Vanessa had this amazing gown for the wedding ceremony and then she changed into a fun ball gown for the reception. Shortly after her photos were delivered she contacted me and asked if I would do a trash the dress session for her along with some formal photos of her, Blaine, and their daughter Kaylyn. Of course I jumped at the chance! We planned the session for about 3 months, we went over exactly what she was looking for location wise and what type of feel she wanted for her photos. I ended up choosing Shelby Forest in Millington for the session. We ventured out on the trails for some photos, we were able to use the dock at the lake, and we went down to the might Mississippi to trash her dress. The results were amazing, and I know we got those glamour magazine pictures she was looking for.

Bottom line: when one of your best friends calls you and asks you to do some post wedding formal photos and a trash the dress, you set aside a good 3 hours of time, you take her to the middle of the woods, and you rock the shot. I am in love with the idea of post wedding formal photos….you don’t have a time crunch, and you aren’t super worried about getting some dirt on your dress because there’s no reception to hurry to. It turned out so amazing that I’m thinking of building the option into my wedding packages. Check of the gallery below to see their amazing shots.

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