Love starts with a toothbrush…Todd and Blair’s Wedding

Have you even been out somewhere and noticed a couple on their third date? The date where you realize that you really really like the person you’re on the date with. You actually more than like that person, you love that person. The date where the whole world fades away and there’s just the two of you. You go home and you’re walking on air, smile permanetly plastered across your face, you’ve got the good kind of nervous jitters, and you realize that you want all of your days to feel that way, and if you’re lucky enough they do. Well, over the weekend I got to photograph Todd and Blair’s wedding and I swear the entire day felt like third date material to me. The loving looks, the stolen kisses, the happy smiles. I don’t think that I have ever seen two people more at ease and so love with each other on their wedding day. To witness such a thing was truly nothing short of amazing.

They got married at their home in Oakland and everything was just perfect. The entire week I feverishly watched the weather forecast for Saturday, hoping and praying that the rain that plagued us all week long would stay away for one day. We all hoped for a mildly warm day with sunshine and perfectly clear skies. And we got it! The backyard was decorated simply, elegantly, and wonderfully. The inside was the perfect mix of cozy and rustic, and the guests were incredibly happy and nice. I think the love that just radiated off of Todd and Blair was a tad bit contagious and we all couldn’t help but be relaxed and laugh throughout the day. The ceremony was short and sweet, it flowed perfectly right down to a baby starting to babble when the Minister asked if anyone objected. (I think we all had a loud laugh at that point) The bridal party speeches were touching and heartfelt, the cakes were amazing (he had a FedEx airplane! Holy cow it was neat), and the guest book was the letter “B” that people wrote well wishes on and would later be displayed in their home.

They also had another reason to celebrate, and it arrives in 26 weeks. (We’re thinking pink, everyone. So when you send your blessings send pink wishes as well!)

As I got into my car to drive home I plugged in my iPhone. The first song to play from my playlist was Brad Paisley’s “Toothbrush” and I thought it couldn’t be more fitting. Congrats guys, you really are a match made in heaven and I wish nothing but the best for you!

Here are a few previews from the wedding. Enjoy!

Ring Shot

Ring Shot

Guest BookGuest Bookgroom cake!groomgroombridebride


And just in case you are wondering…here are the lyrics 🙂

Love starts with a toothbrush,
A big razor and a Dixie cup
A little splash of aftershave,
Before you leave for that first date
See stars in both your eyes
After that long kiss goodnight

Forever starts with a suitcase,
Sneaking out the window to get away
To the car parked by the curb,
Gassed up for Gatlinburg
A little chapel and a couple of rings
Will get you two toothbrushes by the bathroom sink

And everything that’s anything
Starts out as a little thing
Just needs a little time and room to grow
Step by step, day by day
It all adds up along the way
And the next thing that you know

Life starts with a little house,
A corner lot on the edge of town
A weed eater and a picket fence
You think it’s good as the getting gets
Then she wakes up feeling bad
You both wonder what’s up with that

Everything that’s anything
Starts out as a little thing
Just needs a little time and room to grow
Step by step, day by day
It all adds up along the way
And the next thing that you know

One night around eight o’clock
You scrub him down then you dry him off
You pick him up and put his little feet
On the stool by the bathroom sink
You grab the crest and the Dixie cup
It all hits you as he opens up…
Love starts with a toothbrush

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