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Lindsey and Roger had a quiet and romantic engagement session one November morning. Their dog Daisy even made an appearance!

Coffee and Small Talk

Lindsey and Roger were referred to me by a mutual friend, Stephanie Creasy. You may know Stephanie as Girlmakesface on Social Media. Not only is she an absolutely amazing makeup artist she’s also my gym buddy! I met with the beautiful couple for coffee one evening and fell in love! We discussed wedding details and the perfect engagement session. Lindsey and Roger sometimes work opposite schedules, so we decided on a morning session with their sweet pup Daisy.

Autumn Bliss

If you know Memphis you know the weather is testy. During the fall we never know exactly what we’re going to get. You wake up and it’s 30 degrees outside but by noon it’s in the 70’s. This year has been no different- we’ve had our share of fog, pop up rain showers, and indecisive weather. It took some time but we finally got a perfect weekend. A Memphis morning with bright sunshine and a little bit of warmth.

We met at a park in Lakeland for our morning session. Lindsey and Roger came looking pretty sharp and their sweet pup was so well behaved! We spent the morning laughing, getting to know each other, and documenting their love. I feel like these two are the perfect balance for each other. They met online and their relationship grew until they knew they couldn’t be without each other. Roger loves the way Lindsey loves. She’s passionate, impulsive, and she loves hard, deeply, and with every ounce of her soul. Lindsey loves the way Roger balances her and calms her storms. He’s her rock and steadfastness. And when he holds her she feel like she’s home.

They have the relationship and connection that most people long for. I can tell that these two have an amazing dynamic and at the root of their love is the most important type of relationship- a best friendship. I’m so excited for their 2018 wedding and can’t wait to capture their day.

Take a look into our session below!

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