Lindsay and Steven | A Memphis Engagement Session | Memphis, TN

I met Steven and Lindsay at Shelby Farms for a laid back, no fuss engagement session. This could be the most fun I’ve ever had while working!

The Planning

I think Lindsay could be my spirit animal. While planning their perfect engagement session we totally bonded over the fact that neither of us really understand or use the Snapchat, laughed over our love of a good sandwich, and bantered about life in general. These two were so laid back and fun about the engagement photos. The main thing they wanted was to have fun and just be in love! They spent some time roaming around Shelby Farms to find the perfect places for their sessions We tried to wait until after Labor Day hoping it would cool off a bit. We were so totally wrong about that, it’s October and it’s still flipping hot here in Memphis.

Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

Picture Time

For the first half of our session we ventured into the woods at Shelby Farms. We used some stealth ninja skills to dodge huge spider webs, look for snakes, and try to kill as many mosquitos as possible. I’m pretty sure that I randomly slapped myself across my face at least 5 times trying to kill those little insects from the devil. It was bad, really bad. BUT it totally made us all laugh and kept our spirits light.

We were having so much fun that we shot until the last rays of sun crept behind the trees. What I didn’t know was that Lindsay is super sneaky and totally surprised Steven (and me) by pulling out his wedding band during the last bit of the session. It was like a reverse proposal. Steven was so cutely confused, and then amazed, and then happy and blown away by her secret keeping ability. That girl held onto his wedding band for almost a whole week and didn’t even tell him she ordered it! I could never do that. I am terrible at hiding things from my husband.

I just know that these two are going to have an incredibly amazing wedding day and a lifetime full of laughter and fun. I am so stoked that I get to be a part of their story!

Check out some of my favorites from the day below!

shelby farms tennessee engagement session

Shelby Farms Engagement Session

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Makeup Artist: Ashley Parsons 

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