Kowa National Sales Conference | Nashville Photographer

I had so much fun covering the National Conference for Kowa Pharmaceuticals at The Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, TN. Check out some of my favorites!

We Are Livalo

I spend most of my time meeting with couples and documenting their wedding journeys, so it’s a nice change of pace when I get to shoot something a little different for my business. I was hired to document the National Sales Conference in Nashville for Kowa Pharmaceuticals. Kowa is a company that makes the cholesterol drug Livalo. Every year they come together to learn, grow, celebrate, and have a ton of fun. As someone who has had high cholesterol my entire life (and been on meds for it) it was really neat to listen to what their product does and how it is different than most drugs on the market. So I guess you could say that I was there working but also listening as a consumer.


I walked into the Renaissance Hotel and was immediately met with big, bright, and cheery signs welcoming the employees and displaying the company logo. Kowa had a vision of what they wanted the main conference room to look like and hired a local Memphis company, Leo Events, to design a set and stage for the week. I was absolutely blown away by what they were able to create. They custom made seating areas specifically for the opening day. They assembled sofas and created circular seating for the top districts. The colors, seating, and general atmosphere was so upbeat, cheery, and were just amazing. It was an atmosphere unlike most corporate events that I have attended, and I can see why the reps love their jobs so much.

The theme for this year’s conference was The Great Gatsby. When the event organizer, Inga, told me about it I was immediately excited. For the final evening’s black tie awards ceremony Leo created a type of speakeasy in the meeting room with wooden doors on either side of the bar that spun open and allowed the guests access into the main ballroom. If that is awesome and innovative I don’t know what is!

During the course of the evening I was so thrilled to capture so many laughs, smiles, and even a few tears as Kowa employees celebrated career victories and achievements. The districts are super close and seem more like small family units than office locations.

General Jackson Showboat

The first evening of the conference Kowa rented out the General Jackson Riverboat and threw a themed party. There was live music (that was amazing) and dancers dressed in period clothing to help kick the party into high gear. For 3 hours we cruised up and down the river dancing, laughing, and having a blast. I couldn’t believe the detail that went into some the outfits! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun working an event before! The night ended with teams being selected for best outfits, a few guys acting silly and pretending to be Jack and Rose from Titanic, and tons of amazing images to cull and edit.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorites from the trip. I can’t wait to work with this company again and see what else is in store for them!

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