King Fisher Lodge Wedding Tupelo, MS | Becoming the Bells

On June 4th I traveled to the King Fisher Lodge in Tupelo, MS to capture Amelia and Chris’s beautiful wedding.

The Bells

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and Amelia last year when I did their engagement photos downtown. I got to see them laugh together, see the little glances of love they shot each other without the other knowing, and learn how firmly planted God is in their relationship. I knew they were a sweet couple, but when my Mom passed 2 months ago and Chris wrote on my Facebook page that he and Amelia would be praying for my family my heart just melted. They are two of the most sincere people that you’ll be lucky enough to meet in your lifetime. They greet you with open arms and a loving heart.

I knew with each minute that passed during the day, with each family member and friend that was so helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make the day special for them that it would be perfect. From witnessing the prayers and love that was showered on them by everyone in attendance that day I knew that this was the start of something truly beautiful. I’ve seen pre-ceremony prayers at a lot of the weddings that I shoot but I’ve never seen anything quite as magical this. The entire bridal party and family members circled around the couple and silently prayed along with the pastor. There was a feeling in that room that was overpowering and an incredible thing to witness. If you’ve ever doubted that God truly has a hand in who you end up with I can honestly tell you don’t. Don’t doubt it. He knows what he’s doing and Chris and Amelia are proof that when two people are meant to be together God will place them in each other’s lives.

Wedding Bells

That Saturday I spent the day with both Chris and Amelia and their friends and family members as we held our breath each time the sky would open up and sprinkle on us. We admired the amazing decor at the King Fisher Lodge, and spent hours smiling, laughing, prepping, and at certain time crawling under tables for photos and standing on stools to hang dresses. At one point during the day I laughed with the groom and his men about how I would ugly cry at his wedding throughout the day. I sure made good on that promise to him! By the time I got home and looked in the mirror my mascara had been smeared from tears and my camera lcd screen had a thin smear of makeup covering it from tears and sweat from the Mississippi June heat. I’m sure that I was quite a thing to see when I walked through my garage door that night.

King Fisher Lodge Details

The light blue and purple color scheme was so amazing and the different flower arrangement centerpieces that were on the reception tables were beautiful. An open Bible placed at the welcome table laid open for guests to highlight their favorite verses. The scenery surrounding the lodge was just breathtaking. The tables by the entrance had photos of family members passed and little tidbits about the bridal party for everyone to read. The bride’s bouquet had a small charm tied to it with a photo of her late brother.

I told Amelia that day that it’s said that rain on your wedding day was good luck. About an hour before the ceremony the showers finally stopped and held off until long after the sparkler exit that evening. She walked down a boardwalk aisle to a pavilion nestled in the woods where Chris anxiously awaited for her. He cried when she finally turned the corner and smiled at him. Their vows were so sincere and heartfelt and I’m pretty sure I heard a hundred “Amen’s” echoing through they crowd as tissue packs were opened and tears were wiped away. The reception was on point with amazing food, great music and so much laughter and love. The bridal party danced their way into the venue with Chris and Amelia following right behind them as they were welcomed with cheers and laughter. Instead of eating right away (which I did yell at Amelia to do because come on now, a girl has got to eat on her big day!) they circled the room and hugged family and friends and thanked them for coming. The night ended with the two racing down a sparkler lit pathway and stopping for a brief second to steal a kiss.

Congrats Amelia and Chris! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you keep in me mind when you two start having beautiful babies!!


King Fisher Lodge Tupelo Mississippi white lace wedding gown hanging in barn doors blue tablecloths reception venue

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King Fisher Lodge Tupelo, MS


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