Image Storage

When I do pre-consultations with a potential bride and groom I frequently get asked the same question:

“How long do you keep our images for?”

A lot of my clients order prints or albums months after they’ve received their digital files. Many of my newlyweds are in the process of saving for a new home, or just moving in together and aren’t quite sure what they want wall space wise or they don’t have the finances to spend on another album at that moment. So to answer this question- I keep your files forever. As soon as your session or wedding is finished I come home and download your photos onto my hard drive, my external hard drive, and my cloud. This way I have your images backed up in case my computer crashes, and after all the editing is finished I back up those photos as well. Unless something catastrophic happens I will always have your files! I also offer my brides a discount on products up to 18 months after their wedding date! So when their one year anniversary comes around and they want to buy the album for their husband or parents I’ll have their files and they’ll get a discount. I do this to show my appreciation for booking me and ordering from me.

This is an important question you should ask your potential photographer when you first meet with them. Many photographers will charge you a fee to move files from an external hard drive to their desktop after a few months, some photographers will even delete files after x amount of time. Make sure you get this question answered when you first speak to a potential photographer this way you know what will happen to your photos in an event that you lose your digital files.


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