Fountain South Inn Wedding | Olive Branch, MS

The Fountain South Inn located in Olive Branch, MS was the perfect, cozy location for Nick and Lydia’s Sunday afternoon wedding.

The Meeting

I met Lydia and Nick back in December of 2015 through one of my other brides (Elizabeth, can’t wait for your big day!) and they are two of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Well, let me back that up, not just working with but calling my friends. I can’t even begin to express how sweet and comforting these two were the past 2 months while my mom was sick. Just from talking to them, watching them, and getting to know them I’m confident that these two are not only made for each other, but two of the most loving people I know. They constantly kept me in their prayers this past spring and I returned home to the sweetest sympathy cards from them.

The Big Day

They got married April 10 (sorry I’m so late blogging!) in Olive Branch, MS at The Fountain South Inn. We got lucky with a beautifully warm and insanely windy day. I’ve worked a wedding there before and I just love that little venue. It’s quaint, cozy, and the staff really decorates the place beautifully. Lydia and Nick thought of all the little details- from a sixpence and something blue to the handwritten vows- their big day was carefully planned with love. One of their therapy dogs was even the flower girl! After the ceremony friends and family gathered to eat, catch up, and laugh as the couple played their own version of “the shoe game.” They sat back to back and had little pom-poms that they raised as they answered goofy questions about one another and tested their knowledge of their new spouse. They ended the evening at the B&B and took a mini-moon in Memphis the following days.

Congratulations you two, I am so beyond excited for this new adventure in your lives!

Fountain South Inn Olive Branch, Mississippi wedding cake white last name cake topper glitter peach

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Venue: Fountain South Inn Olive Branch, MS

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