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I’m sure you remember the engagement session from Myron Driver and Courtney Moore. It actually made the Best of 2015 list on! I was so excited to see that, and that news was delivered the week of Courtney and Myron’s wedding. I absolutely adore this couple, they are so down to earth and such nice and sincere people. As I grew to know them better through our consultations I found that I really believe that these two have a relationship that dreams are made of. Myron was a roommate of Courtney’s brothers during his college years (I hope I didn’t lose you there) so he was already part of the family before he and Courtney married. The bridal party was the biggest I have ever worked with topping out at 20+ people total. Courtney is in a family of 9, so I knew that the day was going to be a big deal. I had absolutely no idea just how big of a deal it was going to be! So many people showed up to show their love and support for these two, and their friends and family are some of the sweetest people I have ever met.

We started the day off at the Church of Overton Park, we were able to snap a few photos of Courtney getting ready for the ceremony and take some pre ceremony family photos. After I took the photos of the groomsmen Myron stopped me and asked how everything was going for Courtney and said that he just wanted to make sure the day was perfect for her. It just needs to be said- Courtney, you snagged a good man! As I watched him wipe tears away anticipating her walk down the aisle I prayed that these two never forget this day and their love continues to grow. When the doors opened and she appeared she looked like a princess, it was so beautiful!

The reception was held at the Belle Venue in Memphis which is decorated in a Riverboat Theme. I’ve never seen anything like it, and was blown away by this hidden gem in what seemed like an industrial part of Memphis. There was one moment during the evening when I cried like a baby. Now I tell all of my clients that I will ugly cry at their wedding, and I do. I cry every single time vows are exchanged. I can’t help it, it’s such a beautiful and special moment! This is the first time I’ve cried during a speech, and it’ll go in the books as some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard. Myron’s father was also his best man (which lets you know just how tight these families are) and the speech he gave hit home with everyone. He gave such amazing advice about respecting your spouse, listening to them, supporting them, and taking care of them. He let them know that not every day is going to be easy but you need to respect your partner, love and take care of them, and never go to bed angry. He stated what piece of advice every person in his family would have told the newlyweds- from his parents to his late wife. The entire reception hall nodded their heads and voiced their agreement as they listened to what he was saying. I wish that I could have taken that speech with me and put it on my refrigerator when I returned home that evening. I learned a lot about those two and their families that night. I watched the way Courtney’s mother looked at her husband with such love and adoration during his toast, I learned from Courtney’s sister what a stand up guy Myron is, and how he always took care of her as well and made sure she had food to eat during those college years. These two families are the model for what should happen when two people fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. The families combine, embrace each other, and love one another.

After everyone ate Courtney and Myron’s sorority and fraternity showered them with traditional songs and dances and everyone had a blast. I will say though- I have never seen men take over the dance floor like these guys did. Usually it’s the ladies that go crazy once the music starts and they shut the reception down. During this reception is was the gentlemen who pulled out the insane dance moves and partied until the night ended. It was crazy and so much fun to watch!

Courtney and Myron, I am so happy for you guys and wish you nothing but success and love in your marriage. You  have amazing role models to look up to and guide you as you walk through this life together.

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