Courtney and Myron’s downtown engagement photo session

The second I met Courtney and Myron I knew I liked them and I knew I’d have a blast working with them. Both of them are the kind of people who really hug you when they hug you, they don’t just pat your shoulder and give you the “buddy pat” during your first meeting. They bring you in close and squeeze you, making both of their super sweet personalities and huge smiles contagious. Last week we met for coffee and a wedding consultation, the couple is getting married this December and needed engagement photos for a save the date card as well. I even got Courtney to try Tastykakes and she’s a believer that they are the most addicting and fantastic snack cakes in the entire world. (If you’ve gotten a wedding welcome packet from me you’ve read about my obsession for Tastykakes in my bio.) During our consultation we quickly marked the 12th off in my calendar and decided to meet downtown for an engagement photo session. Myron works at Raymond James and Courtney works at the new Bass Pro Headquarters at the Pyramid and they live only a few minutes away, so we figured downtown would be a great place to tell their story.

Courtney has the coolest job at Bass Pro. She’s one of the people who takes care of the wildlife there- namely the fish and alligators. She feeds them and even dives into the tank at the top of the pyramid to clean it. I’ve been to the Pyramid twice and never seen the 7 foot alligator gar fish she’s told me about, but I’m making it my mission to find this fish the next time I go. I had a ton of questions about her job- namely what do they do with all the coins people throw in there! She said they have to clean them out, they’ve already had one duck die from a quarter (I think that was the coin that led to that poor animal’s demise) So please remember this phrase next time you go to toss money in there. “Every wish KILLS a fish” Keep that change in yo pockets please!

They’ve been together for 7 years now and became engaged this past spring. Myron was actually a roommate of Courtney’s brothers and she met him while crashing on their couch before everyone moved into the dorms at college. They bonded over guitar hero and it’s been a happily ever after since then. One thing I noticed was how much they smile and laugh around each other. Myron gets Courtney to beam this gigantic, beautiful smile and I’m pretty sure it lights up the entire world.

We started in the art district, hit main street, and ended right at the Mississippi River. We booked it through town, running around carrying changes of clothes and shoes, yelling at the River City Pedalers as they followed us through town (not intentionally I’m sure, but every time we turned around there they were!) We got some amazing photos and laughed the entire time. I absolutely can’t wait to cover their wedding on 12.26.2015, if the engagement session is a preview of how the day will go down I know it’s going to be a blast.

Congrats you two! 

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