Collierville Tennessee Engagement Session | Megan and Zach

Megan and Zach accompanied me into the woods at the boardwalk for an engagement session in Collierville, Tennessee. It made for a fun adventure a little of the beaten path and a wonderful engagement session.

The Couple

I met Megan and Zach a few months ago when they booked their spring 2017 wedding with me. We spoke a little bit about adventure engagement sessions that I do with my clients. Megan’s eyes lit up a little and said that sounded really cool! They both love adventure and Zach even traveled to Birmingham, Alabama this year to ride his unicycle with an awesome group of friends! We chose a weekend to venture into the woods and take some engagement photos. A few months ago I met with some local photographers and we shot at WC Johnson Park in Collierville. I’ve been dying to get back there for a shoot since and knew Megan and Zach were the perfect couple to take out there!


The Session

To say that it’s been a very warm autumn in Memphis is putting it mildly. We’ve been stuck in the 80-90 degree weather since August and there doesn’t seem to be a break in site. I’m not sure if the leaves were changing color because they were dying from lack of rain or because of the “change of seasons.” Either way the gigantic red and yellow leaves falling from the trees made for perfect scenery. We strolled down the boardwalk talking about their upcoming wedding and how excited they are to plan it. We laughed about our love for scary movies and binge watching all the horror films on Netflix before Halloween. I even added a few movies to my must see list that I hadn’t heard of before! It was a very low key session with lots of laughter, relaxation, and some annoying mosquitos. I was super happy they wanted to venture into the forest with me and shoot by some massive trees and we ended the session on the part of the boardwalk that overlooks the river.

I’m so glad I got to spend some time getting to know these two a bit more and can’t wait for their special day! Check out some of my favorite moments from our session below!

Collierville Tennessee Engagement Photography Session autumn in the woods WC Johnson Park

Collierville, Tennessee Engagement Session

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