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Way back in April I took Brittany Moore out to La Grange for her bridal session. When I asked Brittany what she envisioned when she imagined her bridal pictures she told me she saw herself as a princess in a forest. She wanted something magical and whimsical. I found this perfect location during the winter while I was out driving with my husband, and I had been saving it for a warm spring day.

The Location

It was quite a hike to get there, especially for Brittany since she was traveling all the way from Horn Lake, MS. This location isn’t for the faint of heart either, there’s all kinds of wildlife in the area so if you are afraid of snakes or creepy crawlers this isn’t the location for you. I took my husband out to the shoot with us as added insurance against any snakes. He’s brave and grew up in Louisiana around cotton mouths and copperheads. I on the other hand… not brave. (Really though, have you seen the movie “The Parent Trap” and I’m not talking about the LiLo remake. I’m talking about the original movie. There’s a scene in it where the evil step mom to be is out on the camping trip and she takes these two sticks and starts banging them together to keep snakes away. That’s totally me. I am a stick banging, jumping 5 feet in the air, keep those snakes away from me screaming woman.)

The Princess in the Forest

We made our way through the woods and down the boardwalk to this amazing clearing in the swamp. We used every little last ray of sunlight until we decided to quit. Through the session we battled mosquitos (I had gone prepared with mosquito repel bracelets that we put around Brittany’s ankles) and bugs, humidity, the fear of alligators and snakes, and some pretty ugly spiders. The location was also this amazingly quiet, peaceful, secluded, and beautiful area surrounding us that simply took our breath away. It was by far the perfect day. I got to see her completely done up before the wedding, and I have been holding onto these photos waiting to share them with you since then. I had to keep all previews on lock down until her big day because her (now) husband couldn’t see them.

Take a look at the gallery to see some of my favorite shots from the day!

Moscow Tennessee boardwalk bridal photoshoot natural light sunset pink and white flower bouquet

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