Mr. and Mr.s Anderson’s Wedding | Horn Lake, MS

Last weekend I got to photograph the wedding of Justus Anderson and Brittany Moore in Horn Lake, MS.

Jay and Brittany

You may remember them from a post back in the fall. I met them back then and shot their engagement session. Since then I’ve done Brittany’s bridal session  and just recently I shot their wedding.

Let me start off with two things- 1) Thank you to Justus and all of his groomsmen/guests who serve in the military and law enforcement. I can’t tell you how much both myself and my family appreciate your service. You are one of the many reasons our nation is so great and you are so appreciated! 2) These two could quite possibly be two of the sweetest people that I have ever met. They are both so down to earth, so polite, and so in love. For most of the day I felt like I was hanging around family instead of clients.

Wedding Day

We started off the day at a nearby hotel where the ladies got their hair and makeup done. I have to brag on how insane they looked when they were finished. TeAnna Shantese did the makeup (you can reach her at or 901-304-4090) and Shayla Collins did the hair (you can reach her at 901-359-8857 or both of these ladies did an amazing job- I wish I could stick them in my pocket and take them with me everywhere I go. We spent a lot of time joking around, spying on Justus from the window as he picked something up from his truck outside, (yes, we totally creeped on you and saw you but it’s ok because you didn’t see us) I got to sing the Little Einsteins song with the couple’s daughter, and we passed around a seriously adorable and chunky little baby.

From there we headed to the venue First Choice Catering in Horn Lake, MS where the ceremony and wedding reception were held. I think what I’ll forever remember about that day were the vows that both Justus and Brittany wrote for each other. Can you believe that he remembered the outfit Brittany was wearing the very first time that he met her? Right down to her shoes!

Watching the two of them glow and radiate happiness during the ceremony was so beautiful and such a joy to witness. I had joked around with him that he needed to remember to smile for me during the day (something he told me that I would have a hard time accomplishing during our engagement session) but once his beautiful bride entered the room he never stopped smiling. After the ceremony I asked Justus what his favorite part of the day had been so far. His response? When I got to kiss her!

Their ceremony was directly followed by the reception where there was nonstop dancing, a tiny bit of cake smashing, and a whole lot of bouquet tossing. The night was finished with a sparkler sendoff by their loved ones, a lot of hugs being exchanged, and the feeling of walking on air. I wish them both eternal happiness, joy, and laughter wherever they go. However, I don’t think they will have to look very far to find it. Congrats and good luck to Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Something tells me their story will end with “and they lived happily ever after….”


Here are just a few previews from the day. Make sure you check my Facebook page in the near future for a link to the official album.



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