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Chris and Amelia welcomed their son Greyson into the world this past January. I was lucky enough to spend a quiet, snowy Sunday morning with the three of them.

Baby Makes 3

You may remember Chris and Amelia’s December maternity session, when we spent the day exploring W.C. Johnson Park in Collierville and enjoying the brisk sunshine. But I met Chris and Amelia a long time ago when I shot their engagement photos and then their Tupelo wedding. I’ve had the joy of watching them grow as a couple, hit milestones together, celebrate a new job, add a puppy to their home, and when they announced their pregnancy last year I was overjoyed. One of the many things that I love about my job is that my clients welcome me into their lives and let me experience and capture the big moments for them. I knew the two of them would make amazing parents. Amelia is an elementary school teacher with a love of books. I knew that she would be collecting a library for her son’s nursery as soon as she could. I was so excited to walk into Greyson’s room and see the many adventures his imagination would take him on.

I don’t do traditional posed newborn sessions. I photograph what’s called a Lifestyle Session. I come to your home and take images of your family and your life. I give you a little preview of what your life looks like from a different point of view. A truly wonderful aspect of this is that I get to experience a moment in my client’s shoes. So one quiet and snowy Sunday I traveled to Mississippi to meet the newest Bell gentleman and extend congratulation to the happy parents. I stood in Greyson’s room for a few seconds and stared at his many books and his baseball themed nursery. I wondered what other adventures would line his walls as he grew, what his first time playing catch in the yard with Chris would be like, and where his story would take him. I imagined that he would sit looking out of his window, the same window his Mom and Dad would look out while holding him, and I wondered what he’d see.

A Boy And His Dog

The Bells have this amazingly protective Boxer. Zoey bonded with Greyson the minute they brought him home. Amelia said that Zoe will check on him to make sure he’s ok when he cries, and that follows them around the house. During our photo session she was always with her people, standing watch over them to make sure the lady with the camera wasn’t up to no good. I laughed because my female basset, Sophie, did the same when we brought our son home from the NICU. They bond with them immediately and treat them as if they are their own baby. Since Zoey is a puppy I guess you can say the two of them will grow up together. And judging by how protective she is of him now, and how much she already loves him, I know those two are going to give Chris and Amelia a run for their money!

The Bells were my first official session of 2018 and I can’t think of a better way to start my year. Take a look at some of my favorites below!



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