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The past few months I have had a lot of the same conversations with my clients regarding what to wear, how to do their hair, and what types of products to use, etc. I’ve happily advised which bracelets/necklaces/earrings/shoes to mix and match with outfit changes, what colors wouldn’t work with different locations, and seen more hair flips for volume than I can count. I’m beyond flattered that my clients trust my judgement and ask for my advice and guidance on these things, so I wanted to make a quick post on why these things matter and what I recommend.

I am part of various online forums where I converse with other photographers from around the world. This allows me to submit my work for constructive criticism, go to them for any problems I may be having and ask for a solution, share my work, learn their tips and tricks, and vice versa. With the warm weather in full swing we are getting an influx of weddings, bridals, cake smash, senior, and family sessions (yay!) and so many of our clients want to stay far away from the muted colors of fall and winter and celebrate the change of seasons and the warmth with bright and flashy colors. Depending on how this is done it can be a wonderful thing, or a terrible thing. I am all for pops of color here or there, I love bright colors on little kids, a flash of color on adults, maybe some standout jewelry or even a head scarf to accessorize with. I love bold statement pieces and I absolutely applaud people who take chances with fashion and are able to express their personal style. I have a hard time pulling off bold colors, they just don’t look right one me and never have, so you will rarely ever see me wear anything neon or extremely bright. Even my bathing suits are standard blue/black/tan/white, possibly a yellow. If you are shooting at an outdoor location a lot of this can work and look amazing in pictures. However, if you are shooting at an indoor studio or having an indoor/in home session please be careful. One of the discussions I just saw posted was for some help on a newborn shoot. The backdrop was a beautiful pink, the little girl was wrapped in a pink swaddle, and the dad wore a super bright red shirt. The problem was the shirt directly contrasted with the background, and the color of the shirt cast onto his skin and his daughter’s. So in post she is struggling with muting the color of the shirt only and removing the cast. I’m very familiar with this problem and have had to deal with it a few times as well. If you’re wearing a neon shirt and there is a reflector used, or anything that could cast the color onto skin, it will absolutely show on your skin. And while you may not notice it most photographers do. I’ve had to remove green tints from children, reflections from blankets onto babies, and mute overpowering colors. My advice is to ask the photographer what he/she suggests based on your location and time of day. Make sure to check out Pinterest pages that belong to different photographers. A lot of us will have a board pertaining to color schemes for photo shoots. Pin away!! It also never hurts to snap a cell phone picture and send it to your photog prior to the shoot and ask for some input! Remember, you are choosing your photographer based on their portfolio and style, so asking their opinion will be more helpful than hurtful!!

And now onto the next…

…hair hair everywhere! Earlier this year I posted from a senior session that I did with Maddie Webb. Absolutely stunning girl with great style. Maddie had the “problem” that a lot of women face- flat hair. She had these amazing curls and waves in her long blonde hair but struggled to keep the volume up to her standard. Unless you have a team of stylists maintaining your mane I’m guessing that you may have this problem too. A few years ago I got turned onto this blog that I found floating around Pinterest. It’s called “The Small Things” blog. The girl who runs it is a hairdresser and she has absolutely amazing hair. She has the asymmetrical bob and it falls just below her shoulders. Her hair always has crazy volume!! She always take pictures of her styles and posts them with how to’s so that her followers can try her flawless style. It was there that I found this hair product called AQUAGE Uplifting foam.….amazing!!! Not only will this foam breathe some serious life into your tresses but it doubles as a hairspray (at least it does for me). I don’t normally use any product in my hair for everyday around the house use. I’m chasing around after my 1 yr old or sitting at my computer editing photos, so my hair is pretty boring and up in a ponytail. But on the days where I have errands/meeting friends/want to look like a human for my husband I put some of this product in. (Please note- I am in no way affiliated with this company, they are not sponsoring this post at all, I simply love the product) I section my hair off and spray it directly to my roots, rub it in all over my scalp, and dry my hair upside down. The upside down part is the key because this is where you will get the lift you’re looking for. Once it’s dry I either straight iron it or curl and and I’m done. I don’t use any hairspray because I don’t need it, but you may as everyone’s hair is different. I buy mine from because it’s easier for that way. When you have a 1 yr old the process of getting him in/out of the car to run into a store for 30 seconds is less than appealing, so this way it’s delivered right to my door!

Another product that I am in love with is Kerastase Lotion Densitive GL. One of the stylists at my salon (Daniel Shay of Memphis) told me to try it. Up until last week I had pretty long hair and loved to curl it almost every day. I absolutely hated the process of curling it because my hair is so so thick that it takes literally 30 minutes for me to section it out and go through the whole process. I know you’re probably wondering why I am using a thickening treatment for thin hair if my hair is already super super thick. I use it as a substitute for hairspray. When my hair is wet I will spray that all over my hair, brush it out and blow dry it, and then I will curl it. I may use a teeny tiny bit of hairspray on top of it, but usually not. This stuff holds like no other. I can sleep with it in and wake up the next day with curls still in tact! I absolutely love it. It’s a little expensive and runs around $40 depending on where you get it, but I love mine and think it’s worth the investment. For family photos I will usually be using one of these two products to keep my hair the way that I want it.


I hope this short blog has been helpful and that you’ll pin it or share it!

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