Ali and Scott’s Autumn Engagement | Lakeland, Tennessee

Ali and Scott had their engagement session with me on a cold autumn day in Lakeland, Tennessee. They even brought their adorable Boxer along for pictures!


I met Ali about two years ago when I did my first powerlifting competition at NBS in Memphis, TN. I was so nervous to get up in front of everyone and pick up heavy weights. Ali was there cheering everyone on and even helped a girl out with a back slap so that I could PR on my deadlift. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. After the competition we became Facebook friends and I kept up with her progress through her posts. She and Scott became engaged and I was overjoyed when she messaged me for a consultation. I love working and being around strong women who push each other for greatness!

We met for coffee and quickly talked details about her big day. I learned that she’s Italian as well (yes!) and her Uncle even owns a deli (double yes!) in town. They’re holding their wedding at a sweet, rustic location in Byhalia, Mississippi next October and are already not he ball with decorations and meal plans. They wanted engagement photos that would capture the fall look that will make the setting for their wedding. We decided to hurry up and schedule an autumn engagement session for the two of them.

An Autumn Engagement

The majority of Tennessee has been in a drought for the past few months so I’ve been pretty lucky with sessions this year. Unfortunately Mother Nature has decided that it’s time to send us some rain, so we had quite a bit of anxiety picking a time and location for the session. Our original shoot was scheduled for a sunset session in a beautiful location near me, in Oakland, Tennessee. Mother Nature and the drainage problems had other plans for us, so we had to come up with a backup plan. Ali said that she and Scott are more of a laid back and outdoorsy type of couple so I was on the hunt for somewhere with foliage still on display. We decided on a beautiful park in Lakeland, Tennessee at sunrise.

They even brought along their adorable Boxer named Henry! I’m such a dog lover and he is so cute, I could have spent the whole session just snuggling him. Ali had warned me that they hated getting their photos done, but they were such naturals! We were so blessed with cold but clear weather that morning and I am so blown away by the results.

Check out a few of my favorites below. I can’t wait for your 2017 wedding!!

Lakeland Tennessee international harvester park red dress autumn engagement photos

Lakeland, Tennessee Autumn Engagement Session

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